Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The recent events with hurricane Katrina and Rita have gotten many people into the spirit of compassionate giving. People are clammering to help those in need. But the popular media reports these needs incessantly. The popular media reports news that is always negative and unrelenting. We are often motivated by more than compassion these days. From the perspective of Jesus, all this should cause us to pause and consider some important questions.

Luke 22:24-26

What does it mean to offer help to someone in need? Does it mean they owe a debt of gratitude for my magnanimous offer? Does it mean I deserve a certain level of respect from people? Does it mean that I am good? Does it mean that I genuinely love that person? Does it mean I just want to solve a problem to make life more enjoyable for me?

Do I become that person's master? Does it imply that I am a better person than they? Does it mean I am smarter? Does it imply that they need me? Does it mean there is something I need?

Is helping someone giving me something to do? Does my self-worth become enhanced? Does it help me feel better? Does it make me more spiritual? Does it reveal who I really am?

Can the action of helping be a magic charm? Does it cause God to be more on my side? Does it mean I'll receive more blessings? Does it mean I'll become richer? Does it mean I'll experience what it is to be poor?

Are my deepest needs fulfilled when I help a needy person? Does my anxiety for the future subside? Does it mean I'll be at peace? Does the person I help become fulfilled? Does it mean that the emptiness I feel can't be filled by anything on this earth?

What is the true path of love?

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  1. Excellent (hard & honest) questions

    the Other Kerry