Friday, November 04, 2005

The Nature of Evil

I wonder sometimes if our current culture understands anything about evil. We are often content with seeing life as a series of events or bad decisions. But who discusses evil? When evil is ever mentioned, it is poo-pooed as old fashioned, or worse, superstitious. Why? Maybe because we will be confronted with our own moral failure. Maybe it seems too harsh, today, to be considered evil. Maybe we've replaced personal responsibility for inanimate objects or circumstances (i.e. guns or tough times).

However, I've come to the conclusion in my lifetime that:
  • evil can not be negotiated with.

  • evil can not be accommodated.

  • evil will not be ignored.

  • evil always hates what is good.

  • evil calls what is good, evil.

  • evil is not a circumstance, feeling, or thing.

  • evil is an attitude, and an act of the will.

  • evil loves darkness.

  • evil hates light.

  • evil loves lies.

  • evil hates truth.

  • evil always corrupts.

  • evil never purifies.

  • evil always places hope somewhere other than God.


  1. What I don't get is how we got to where the only time the words "sin" or "sinful" are used is on the dessert menu!

  2. Yeah! That is funny.

    Our society finds evil amusing. We are entertained by evil, find evil pleasurable, and even find it acceptable. Sin is the fruit of evil, and to many, a source of amusement.

    That is one reason I and my family have decided not to celebrate Halloween. Not because the holiday is itself evil, but it makes light of evil.