Monday, December 12, 2005

Into the World

True believers are in the world but not of the world. We are chosen out of the world to be with Jesus. What does that entail? Must we distinguish between things of the world and heavenly things in our daily lives, or is it more about our mindset than our physical participation in this world?

In a nutshell, we are participants, but not adherents. We live here, but we are not permenant residents.

  • We use the things of the world and engage the world in ways it can understand. But we do not hold the values, perspectives, philosophies, or attitudes of the world.

  • We can be citizens of countries, nations, tribes, families, or communities in the world. But we operate as visiting citizens or ambassadors from another place. We hold our primary citizenship in God's Kingdom.

  • We get involved in the issues and politics of the world, but only in the interest of a more powerful coming kingdom.

  • We enjoy many of the things this world has to offer. But we do so as if this will not bring fulfillment, and we see it as pale to what we truly own from above.

  • We own things in this world with the knowledge that we do not really own it. But what we truly own from above no one can see it or touch it.

  • We use the things the world highly values as if they hold little value to us. However, what we highly value the world does not value.

  • We work to please God, and in so doing commend ourselves to men. But we do not work to please men, because we are from God. And for this men will hate us.

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