Monday, August 14, 2006

If I Were Wise

I've asked God to give me wisdom. And I've learned that wisdom doesn't even begin until I submit myself to God's will, because following the will of God is wise.

My will in subjection to God's will. That is wisdom.

But this gets me thinking. What would it look like to walk in wisdom, and to speak with wisdom? I don't have to go too far to have an idea of what that would look like. I can look at Jesus. I can notice what he did, hear what he says, see his reaction to different people's perspectives, and even talk to him about his thoughts.

So what do I find?

If I were wise, these are the things I should expect to see in my life:

  • I will have a deep, abiding connection with God, through the Holy Spirit.

  • I will have God's Word on my heart, mind, and lips.

  • My lifestyle will be attractive.

  • I will acknowledge God's role in my life and in the world.

  • Some people will listen and learn from me. But most will find me troublesome. And of those who listen to me, most will not follow my advice.

  • Whatever I pass on to others, it will honor God.

  • Although people will frustrate me, I will remain patient with them.

  • I will have no interest in controversial subjects unless it is of benefit to those who listen.

  • My focus will always be on God's will, not on getting people to like me.

  • People who are threatened by me will treat me unfairly. And those who are sympathetic, may even desert me. But my trust will be in the Lord.

  • I will not seek honor. But will wait on the Lord.

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