Monday, January 28, 2008

The Guts To Pick It Up

The best way to grow is to be challenged. We need resistance, unusual circumstances, and very real challenges where we have to make a decision. Usually the decision is between fear and courage. Both may involve the emotion of fear, but it is the decision we make between giving in to the fear or moving forward that separates us into the cowardly and the courageous.

I've been thinking recently about God's faithfulness in my life right now. Yes, I've grown more these past few months than I have in the past few years. But, in many ways it is only because I've been forced into uncomfortable situations that I've realize this growth. Yet, God is right there.

It's like having a strong father, who is an Olympic gold-medal-champion weight-lifter. You are presented with a dilemma. You have to lift a heavy box of dynamite. But it is too heavy for you. Your dad asks you what you plan to do. And you consider leaving the box right there. But you remember that your dad is strong. So, you ask him for help. But your dad goes one further. He lifts it for you, because you had the guts not to leave it, and the guts to ask for help.

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