Saturday, March 22, 2008

Real Dream Real Hope

I had a strange dream last night.

I was one of the Apostles witnessing the death of Jesus. Except I also witnessed his resurrection from the grave. He came out as if nothing had happened to him.

Jesus rejoined all of us to show us that it was really him. We all found it hard to believe. But he showed us his scars. He showed us his hands, feet, and pierced side. We slowly accepted the truth over time.

When we finally understood what had happened, Jesus left us to spread the news everywhere. I felt like something incrediably wonderful had happened. We begin telling everyone we could what we experienced.

Many Believe, But Not Everyone

What was interesting, was that many people believed just from our testimony and sincerity. Some people needed convincing, but being eye witnessess made it easy to be emphatic and convincing.

Some people said that I was delusional. But I explained, "That could be true if I was the only one who witnessed this. But I not only saw him, I touched him and ate with him. And many others did as well. We can all testify to this."

I went on to explain in detail how Jesus died. And I asked those who were listening to me to investigate the matter themselves. "Jesus suffered fatal torment and death on a cross. The Roman soilders put him to death! He was beaten severly even before being crucified. So, he really died. I saw it. And the fact that he is alive and well is a great miracle. This gives us great hope and assurance that God did indeed visit us and gave us a way to know the way home to our hearts desire."

Confirmation From God

Many people were compelled by our witness. But then I ran into very skeptical people. So I looked intently at a woman who was sitting there with them and placed my hands on her. I said, "In the name of Jesus the Christ, you are healed of your chronic illness and pain."

Immediately she stood up surprised. She began praising God loudly where many other people came over to see what the commotion was. When everyone realized that I had healed her, many were requesting to be healed.

I told them that it was not my power that healed her, it was the power of God that had touched her life. The message I bring is true, and this confirms it. The Messiah has arrived and we can be free of death. There is a real hope that circumstances can not touch.

I awoke full of faith and awe of what we have in Christ. This is real. So real.

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