Monday, April 21, 2008

Global Warming and Environmental Scare Tactics

It seems to me that environmental concerns can fall into basically two worldviews. If God created everything, and us as His crowning achievement, then it makes sense that He would create an environment that can sustain us and support our existence. It also makes sense that He is smart enough to anticipate needs as well. It was His idea that we multiply and subdue, not reduce and submit.

On the other hand, if God doesn't exist, our existence is purely random and purposeless. (So, why should we care anyway? But I suppose for the reason of just feeling like we want to preserve the environment we care about it.)

If that is the case, then resources are basically limited, and our existence is precarious. Therefore, we want certain people to survive, and certain people to prosper—since everyone can't do so, because of limited resources. We all think it is ourselves—but no one is really saying. As history has shown us, the further down the rode we go, it will get defined pretty quickly. And it will probably not be who want it to be.

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