Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vote for Wisdom

The election is thankfully over. And in it's wake, we have witnessed an unprecedented event in our American history. Specifically, the election of a black man as U.S. president — arguably the most powerful man in the world. Also — and more important to me — the public display of a black man with a stable family and marriage. And, last, a black man and president who has captured the attention of the whole world. These are truly historic times.

But, what troubles me are the reasons people voted for him. I heard on the radio yesterday morning that in some exit polling it was revealed that people voted for him because they really wanted a black man to win, they wanted a change, they felt a sense of hope, and (I am not kidding) they felt he would help them not have to worry about paying off their mortgage or filling up their gas tank. Fascinating!

My wife asked me yesterday how I would arrive at a decision — whether for a U.S. president or for a state initiative. I responded that I would employ the same principles to voting that I would in comparing any statements about reality. I would ask the question, "How does this compare with what the Bible says is true?" In other words, come at it from a biblical worldview perspective.

Next time, I will explain how I go about doing that.

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