Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Am I Trusting The Holy Spirit?

When I watched The Biggest Loser last night, there was a contestant who really bothered me. Her name was Joelle. She was a sweet woman, but very self-deceived. She was so annoying last night that her trainer, Bob, just lost it. You see, she felt she was doing her best, when all the time she was doing much less than any other contestant. She also felt that with all her talking she was actually doing something. But all she did was talk a good game, or complain she couldn't do something.

Meanwhile her trainer, Bob, had to pay her a lot of attention. It was clear that everyone else was doing their utmost and they were pushing themselves beyond their comfort levels to comply with Bob's coaching. But this stood in stark contrast to what she was doing. Yet, she demanded so much more than anyone else. She demanded attention.

Just wait. This hits home.

I had a hard time watching her complain. Then it hit me this morning. I am not much different than Joelle. When my coach, the Holy Spirit, calls me higher and encourages me to go outside my comfort zone, do I not resist at times? Do I talk instead of listening and doing what the Word of God says? Even though Joelle had the initiative and drive to be on the show — seeing the need for help from the right sources — she still couldn't completely trust the sources she herself selected. She couldn't listen to Bob even though she knew he could help her. Do I do the same thing with the Holy Spirit?

God isn't a task-master. But God will push when necessary. God doesn't get easily angry. But it doesn't mean he doesn't get angry when I deceive myself. God is patient. But God is eager for me to grow and mature. I just need to cooperate with his process and trust him. That is what genuine faith is all about. Trusting God with it all, to the point of cooperating with everything I've got.

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