Monday, February 06, 2006

Where True Hope Resides

After re-reading my last post, I think it was sort of weird. I was in a funky mood. I am not sure it makes much sense. Anyway, I was just thinking about death and feeling sad that my friend is experiencing a lot of pain. Then in a stream of consciousness I wondered why I believe some people are less worthy of death than others. My belief often revolves around me. People I know personally, or who I witness the most pain as a result of their death are less worthy than people I don't know personally, or whom I don't like very much. But that is common to mankind. We all care more about those closest to us than those who are strangers, or foreigners to us.

Should it not be that way? Or (maybe the right question is) should I care that it is that way?

When I look at Jesus, I see God in human flesh. God the Father cares about everyone because He has the capacity to do so. Even if I wanted to, I really don't have the RAM to handle it. (For those who don't know, it is a computer analogy.) But Jesus as a human being, didn't concern himself on this earth about everybody's individual needs like I would be tempted to do. Instead, he worked within the limits set for him. He cared wherever he was. He provided whatever he could — or wanted to — whenever reasonable to do so. He provided what some people didn't expect, and what some people didn't request or desire. He even said "no" when the time wasn't right. But ultimately he trusted God with all of problems of humanity, even to the point of willingly dying a horrible death to redeem them.

God the Father, has a plan to redeem this world. He has a plan to provide a way for all of mankind to no longer experience death (at least like the rest of the world does). So my job is not to end physical death, end suffering per se, or to save anybody from ultimate death. I can only point to God's Way of salvation — Jesus. And even when I do so, I do so with the help of the Holy Spirit — whom does the real work of convincing. However, I can be ready with an answer for the hope that I have. (1 Peter 3:15-16)

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