Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Decaffinated Faith

The Washington Post has published a couple of articles today discussing the role of faith in the lives of modern-day parents. They discuss how parents are looking to give their children a spiritual upbringing without the God-thing. They can have their children receive moral and psychological comfort without being tied to a particular religion or guilt-induced belief in God.

Just think! Religion without all the God! Isn't that great! Now we can teach our kids to create gods of their own choosing. Basically, a faith without the caffeine. It doesn't keep us up at night.

What's going on here? We don't want to retain the knowledge of God. We want to feel connected to spiritual things, and feel better about ourselves in the process. The idea of a real God will interfere with that, because we may have to come to realization of our sin. And we can't afford to believe that we are bad in any way. We don't want to have to need God. We want to create a god that approves of whatever we do, and that we can control. This is nothing new.

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