Thursday, November 23, 2006

What Do I Have to be Thankful For?

I am thankful.

God loves me. And he enjoys me. He died for me—exchanging his life for my sins to make me righteous by faith. But as Jesus has said, there are many troubles in this life, until he comes back.

One of the challenges I am facing now is my mother's mysterious sickness. She is getting weaker and weaker. The doctors don't know why. She believes she is dying. But no one knows for sure. She just keeps getting weaker.

Another is with my youngest sister, who is in the hospital right now. She had an emergency surgery last Wednesday, because she suddenly lost feeling in her lower extremities. So they had to do surgery on her back. The surgery seemed to go well, but she can't feel her left leg, nor move it. She is almost resigned that she may never walk again. But the doctor, nor do we, know for sure.

Not to mention that, today, we have a basement leak, and our garbage disposal is leaking.

Through this all, I've been praying. Everything is happening so fast. I haven't had the time to let everyone at my church know about my sister yet. My wife and I have just gotten through some medical issues with her dad, to the point he had to stay with us for a few months. So, we are a little tired. But we are praying.

I admit that I don't know what we should pray for sometimes. But I am praying anyway. God loves me, and he cares about what I care about. He knows how to carry me, my mom, and my sister, and he is capable of bearing with the whole world.

I've seen him heal members of my family before. So I know he is capable of that too. But sometimes the answer is "no," or better, "not yet." I pray he will do so in these cases, but his thoughts are higher than my thoughts. No matter how much faith we have, we will all physically die some day, even if we are healed for a time. So who am I to think that God has to heal right now.

But one thing I know for sure about God. His care for his children will not jeopardize what he knows needs to happen to get the best possible result. Do I know what that is? Not always, but I know he is good. I also know that he will deal with sickness and pain one day by eradicating it forever. But not yet. Right now, he promised to never leave us nor forsake us. Therefore, I always have hope whether God performs miracles or God does not perform miracles (I can see).

One thing to remember: If he was willing to suffer for our benefit, how much more will he be with us during our suffering. The highest gift anyone can give us is not money, physical healing, or wishful thoughts. The gift of himself is the greatest gift anyone can give. And God does so.

Yes, I am thankful.

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