Saturday, March 17, 2007

Silicone World

We exist in a world that is getting more and more dependent on the computer chip. Almost every part of the globe is wired for the Internet. We work with computers for everything from work to play. We depend on them for communication, travel, and information retrieval.

It is so ubiquitous in our world that we don't think in terms of chips, because they are a given. Believe it or not, it wasn't that long ago when a computer chip in a car was an anomaly. Now it is standard issue. No more shade-tree mechanics now.

We have them in everyday things such as clocks, DVD players, televisions, and so on. We depend on them (and love them), whether we know it or not. And they depend on power. We can not even get our work done without computers, telephones, cell phones, or power. I dare say, even our stock market is dependent on their use (as well as people's feelings).

It seems like such flimsy things to depend our lives upon. Yet we do it, without understanding the risks. I don't think we even want to, because the risks are so scary. Think about it. The whole world is not only becoming dependent, but desires the dependency, believing that it brings salvation. "Mankind can solve the world's problems with technology, if only…"

Jesus said we should build our lives on his words. In fact, the one who does so is like a man who builds his house on rock. But the one who doesn't do so is like the man who builds his house on sand—or rather, silicone.

Around the world, as well as in our nation, the words of Jesus are ignored or shunned for various reasons. Yet, this faith in technology persists, even when it proves hollow. For instance, with all the technology we have now, are we really any better? Has war, hunger, disease, murder, and death ceased or increased? The answers are obvious, but we still build our hope on silicone.

We pour our money and human resources into silicone. We build
silicone into everything. We are betting our futures and careers on silicone. We are selling ourselves out for silicone. Yet, sand doesn't last during a storm when real life hits. Only the word of Jesus' has proven it can stand the test of time, the scrutiny of skeptics, and the ignorance of the worldly wise.

Isn't that enough to consider? Isn't it obvious which holds the weightier case? But if it still doesn't appeal to you, it's your choice. Just keep building your hopes, your dreams, your relationships, your future, your lives on the foundation of your choosing. Continue going to church and doing good things, hoping that it will cover up your real love. Yell and cry out in the marketplace for justice in the world to free yourself from guilt. Live life like a party, and drown your shame in iniquity. Please everyone around you, so you won't have to feel insignificant. Be somebody, and win the whole world, because you don't have much of a soul left to save. "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die."

But if you dare build your whole life on the words of Jesus be prepared to see everything differently. You will begin to go to church because that is where you will find your real family, and share a real hope. You will desire righteousness from God, not your own righteousness, because you will see yourself as you truly are. You will visit the house of mourning to be reminded where your true joy lies. You can no longer spend your time pleasing people and wearing a mask because you have a Master in heaven to please. You have no need for celebrity because you are significant enough for the God of the universe to die. And your life is spent from now on for the salvation of others.

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