Thursday, April 09, 2009

Christians Abdicating The Culture

The University of Maryland recently decided to end prayer during commencements. At the same time they argue that showing porn is a free-speech issue.

Porn is not a free-speech issue. However, prayer is. People have the right to express their religious views without fear of reprisal. That is the original intent of the First Amendment — religious and ideological freedom. Porn, on the other hand, is not an expression of a viewpoint for the common good, but a vice like gambling or excessive drinking. These things are not for the common good. President Lincoln said, “There is no right to do wrong.” The problem here is not free speech, but that the common good is being defined by those without a moral center. It’s funny that First Amendment law currently doesn’t protect child pornography, libel, or indecency over the public airwaves.

I wonder how long Christians will allow moral law to be redefined by those who believe there is no foundation for moral law. Christians are distancing themselves from Jesus more and more so that they will not be ridiculed by the culture — an adulterous and wicked generation. They make the excuse that Christians should not be involved in political debates, discussions, or in politics at all. But what are politics except those things that are defined, by the force of law, as good or bad moral behavior?

Many Christians would rather go around telling people “Jesus loves you,” (and in some cases just that "God loves you") as the culture creates the environment to render those words meaningless. Some Christians abdicate their responsibility to engage the culture on every issue that bears upon the truth because they either are too afraid, or they don’t believe it themselves. They make themselves believe that the message of grace will penetrate the heart, even if the heart cannot understand it.

How foolish! It is true that morality, laws, and convictions about reality cannot change the heart. But moral law, if done on a solid foundation, has the power to prepare the heart for the message of grace. Why would a man be sorry for what he has done, if he knows he has done nothing wrong?

Most parents understand this principle. In order to instruct and train our children we set up rules for them to abide by. We set up consequences for our children when they transgress those rules. Most parents do this because they are trying to shape the character of their children. And Christian parents understand that character development is crucial in the ability to understand and accept the gospel of Christ. We don't lay down rules because they will cause children to love Jesus. We give our children structure to lead them to Christ. (Galatians 3:15-4:7)

Wake up Church!

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  1. I generally agree. Christians are in the world and not of the world, but we don't have to allow the world values to be forced upon us. In fact, I hope and pray that I would be willing to die to represent and defend the message of the cross, which is foolishness to those who want to promote the worlds values as good and regard God's ways as bad.