Friday, April 03, 2009

Simple Truths II

I shared in a previous article how there are those moments of clarity. We sometimes call those moments epiphanies. Those times when deep truths, once hidden from us, are suddenly revealed. They can be quite simple, yet quite profound. Well, here are some more I've come to understand.

  • Our time is short. What I mean is that life goes by quicker than we sometimes realize. Wisdom is indeed found in the house of mourning. (Ecclesiastes 7:2) When my mother died a few years ago, I witnessed an end of an era. Now I watch my girls growing up and visit my high school reunion, and suddenly I realize time not only marches unapologetically on, it does so far too quickly. Time is short. Better use it wisely.

  • A man with very little, has no worries. I have a beat-up car I drive. It's fully paid for, it runs well, and I use it all the time. It gets me to work. I can pick up the kids. I can run errands. Yet, I am not worried about it getting scratched. Sometimes I worry about it being stolen, but that is less likely than a brand new car or van. Really, it holds no real concerns except upkeep.

  • Very few people consider where they are going and why. I was driving in the rain this morning and a vehicle came up behind me flashing his lights and beeping his horn as he went around me. Then he was caught behind a big truck. I then went past him. And he was angry. I wondered what the point of all that was. There was nothing gained. If anything it was just dangerous. If he had died in a fiery crash, what would he say to God? Was it really worth his life or the life of others to get where he was going faster? I doubt it.

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