Monday, October 12, 2009

How the Christian Worldview Affects My Profession

I find that too many people equate their beliefs with their upbringing or preferences. They tend to see their faith choices as nothing more than a desire to belong to a certain group — like Jews or Hindus — or as a personal preference like mild or spicy.

I am a graphic designer by trade and by natural ability. And I am also a Christian.

What that means is not the same as saying that I have a Christian heritage or upbringing. Rather it means that I hold that the Christian worldview is the correct worldview. In other words, it is the truth. Everything else is a lie.

Who do I think I am?

I don't mean to say that I am right and everyone else is wrong — as if I have achieved an exclusive. And I don't mean to say that what I believe is true because I believe it.

What I am saying is that I came to realize that the Christian worldview is the truth. And I've organized my life and perspective around that reality. (And to not do so would be foolish.) I cannot live an integrated life if I live in contradiction with reality.

This affects me as a designer.

So, as a graphic designer, I've organized my profession and ability around the tenets of a biblical Christian perspective.

I see my ability to design as an ability given to me by my Heavenly Father for a purpose. That purpose being two-fold. To create beauty that glorifies the Father, and to bring clarity — specifically in visual communication. I choose not to use my ability to obscure the truth, nor to gloss over error. I use it to enlighten and highlight what is good and true — even if it is to sell a product people can use.

This also influences who I choose to work for and how I work. I cannot knowingly work with someone who is trying to use my skill to defraud or to create a false impression. I also cannot lie, cheat, or steal no matter who I work for.

But this is not always an easy path for me.

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