Monday, October 19, 2009

Why Living the Christian Worldview is Sometimes Difficult

Last time I discussed how the Christian worldview affects my career perspective. I concluded that living this way is not always easy.

Gray areas.

One of the reasons it is not always easy is that there are gray areas. There are things I personally don't believe are true, yet many others do believe are true and right. Also the Word of God may not specifically deal with those issues either. So, I have to make a decision based on personal conviction, rather than on whether it is a direct worldview contradiction or not.

The reason these gray areas exist is because I don't embody the truth, as much as apprehend it. I can come to the knowledge of the truth, but I cannot express it in it's totality. I can only express aspects of it and hold to what I do understand.

However, there is One through whom the Christian worldview is most sincerely represented. Jesus is the embodiment of all truth. Therefore, I choose to come to him, to follow him, to pay attention to him, and to believe him. He is the embodiment of the worldview I embrace.


Another reason living this way can be difficult is that it is often in conflict with other people's sensibilities. It is offensive to live like other people's worldviews are wrong. It seems friendlier to pretend that everybody's worldview is a personal heritage or preference rather than a comprehensive perspective on reality.

Seeing truth in this manner will cause friction. In other words, this leads to conflict. It is unavoidable. And most people want to avoid conflict — me included.


And last, I, and others like me, still have to grow in truth. Ever since I became a follow of Christ, I've adopted his perspective on reality. But, not all at once. I had to learn, develop, and grow in my faith. And to do this not only in knowledge, but also in my conviction and confidence.

And I am still maturing. This process will never end. And this process is both from God, and through personal effort. But it is well worth it.

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