Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Three Questions Christians Need to Ask When They Vote in Elections Part 3

Last time I discussed the true nature of human beings. This is critical, because how a candidate values human beings determines how she governs them. But as was mentioned last time, this assumes we know where human rights come from. This leads us into our next question.

3. What are rights?

We talk and debate about rights all the time in the United States. But do we truly understand what they are? There's a difference between rights and privileges. And in our national discussion, we often get them confused.

From a Christian perspective, rights are the necessary obligations and acknowledgments that exist despite the costs, requirements, or general acceptance by any group of people. In fact, it transcends culture. They are universally adhered to because they are conditions set by God. Any violation or denial is sin against the Almighty. One example is the right to live. Every innocent human being has a right to exist. When someone violates that right through murder, they sin and are required to be punished.

On the other hand, privileges are benefits provided to certain people, at certain times, for certain reasons. For example, driving a car is a privilege and not a right. Driving privileges can be revoked if they are abused. These privileges are granted to certain age groups after being tested and found medically fit to drive.

A politician who often confuses the difference between rights and privileges can deny or create rights at will. In some extreme cases, even destroying the very one's God created in His own image. Government doesn't acknowledge or protect the intrinsic rights of human beings, because these rights don't exist. In this politician's hands, there is no restraint higher than government itself.

How we vote matters. But not because we can stem the tide of evil, or to make our nation great. Because what we do doesn't determine what God's going to do. He will use all things to His glory. Rather it is an examination of our own character before God.

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